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James was proud of his Greek heritage, and the Trustees decided to mark this by setting up the 300 Spartans Club. By becoming a member, you are publicly showing your support for the Foundation, and ensuring that our aims can be fulfilled.


You buy a number (or more than one!) and set up a Standing Order for £2 per number. If you qualify, please fill in a Gift Aid form online as well, as this will ensure that the Foundation receives £2.50 at no extra cost! For this you get:


  • your name in lights as a Spartan! See the list below, and take your pride of place in the virtual 300

  • VIP invites to special events

  • discounts on tickets for concerts, pub quizzes, and other events


By supporting in this way, the Foundation will get the financial base that is needed to plan ahead, as it will be easy to project income and commit to grants and projects. And it is much less than the price of a pint every month!


This is a great way of showing your support for the Foundation, so please become a Spartan today.




Thank you for your support


"when it's gone, it's gone"!

The names of the 300 Spartans Club, and their numbers, will appear at the bottom of the page as support grows. Any number not shown is yours for the taking, simply fill in your details below and then and set up a standing order for £2 per month per number, and it's yours. Either send the completed Standing Order form to your bank, or use our account details (on the standing order form) to set one up using online banking. 


Your request was sent successfully!


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