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As simple as that. Download the Standing Order form from the Donate page and ask your friends and family. As little as £2 a month won't be missed and will help the foundation have a planned income so that we can choose our projects in advance.


And for a bit more fun, join the 300 Spartans Club! A monthly lottery with all proceeds going to the Foundation.

Everyone is doing it, a fun run, bike ride, pub quiz night, whatever you can imagine. Just contact us and let us know what you are thinking of organising, and we can help. Venues, volunteers, or just vocal support at the roadside!


Please consider using the Virgin Money Giving website, as the Foundation is set up automatically to receive donations made there, the costs are very low, and Gift Aid is dealt with automatically.


Get started by clicking here!

Help out. Things always need organising, whether that is a concert, a quiz night, helping rough sleepers, or a bit of admin!


Just fill in the contact form.


Or become a supporter using the form below, and we will send email newsletters with information on what we are doing.



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