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We welcome applications from young people who wish to pursue a passion in life. You might be suffering a disadvantage through disability, social or economic background, mental health or addiction issues, or just struggling to find your way in life. What is important to us is that you have a passion and can demonstrate that.


We have a simple application process: fill in the form and then come for an interview! You should be able to demonstrate a clear purpose or goal for your funding, why you have a passion for that goal, and where it will lead you.


All applications will be considered on merit, regardless of your background. We aim to award grants in March and August each year, but if your application is urgent then please make this clear and we will consider it. Please complete our online application form, using the button link at the bottom of the page. To help you, we have set out here some examples of the type of projects that we might support.


Thank you for stopping by, and good luck!



James was passionate about music, and well known as a DJ in North London. You might be wanting to start out in the same thing, or looking for studio time to cut a demo! Maybe a band that needs a helping hand? Tell us about it and how you think we can help.


Work was something very important to James, his parents made sure of that! You might have just found the fledgling career that suits you but need help with course fees, uniform, or travel assistance. Again we are looking for that special passion that makes you stand out.


OK, James was always more active as a spectator than a player, but was never far away from his beloved Spurs or watching the Olympics. His background meant that he was just as passionate for Wales, Greece or England, which came in handy! You might be an aspiring footballer needing to get to a training camp, need new kit, or simply a sponsorship deal. Tell us why James would have cheered you on!


Now we don't mean a ticket to Ibiza, but travel with a purpose. James loved his times in Thailand and South Africa, and supported the welfare of exotic and endangered wildlife. He also had planned one day to work with children in need. You might have a similar passion, or want to work on an environmental or economic project. Convince us to send you packing!


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