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It's the logo of the Foundation: the #JamieKiss. We love receiving your version, and we will showcase a selection of as many as we can here, please submit yours by email to or share them on our Facebook or Twitter pages. And don't forget the hashtag #JamieKiss!

The original
Jamie's mum
Our first celebrity #JamieKiss
A Great British Bake Off #JamieKiss!
Dad Terry and Uncles Ari and Colin
His Bapou at beloved Spurs!
Mandy in Nepal
Dad Terry in Thailand
Connie and Lilly
Sally Bentley
School friends
Trisha and friend at the Rock
Cousins Joe and Leo
Come Dine With Me
Maria with a skiing minion!
Thespian #JamieKiss
Crafty Jo's #JamieKiss
The backward version...
Leggy in Sri Lanka
Rob, Eric, and Sanjay at Alpe d'Huez
Auntie Betsy in Papua New Guinea
Jackie Gavin at Machu Picchu
Emoji #JamieKiss!
Mike and Kitty Kat
Marie Best in Egypt
Uncle Kevin and cousin Craig
Auntie Cath and cousin Laura
Hooligans in Disney!
One handed selfie #JamieKiss
Maria at the VIP finish line
Mike and Katherine
Dimension Data Social Media Team
Froggy #JamieKiss in Venice
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