There are 3 ways that we will be raising money:


1. A regular commitment by Standing Order. The amount isn't actually that important, but by having a regular income we can plan events and more importantly, the number, type, and size of grants that we can make. Just fill in a Standing Order form and send it to us or your bank, or use the details to set up a regular payment by direct banking. Please don't forget to complete the online Gift Aid form, we get an extra 25% and it costs you nothing!


2. The 300 Spartans Club. James was rightly proud of his Greek heritage, and nothing evokes the passion of that more than the heroic stand of the 300 Spartans against the might of the Persian army at Thermopylae. Well now you can be a Spartan! You buy a number at £2 each per month by Standing Order and for this, you get your name in lights on the website, discounts on tickets for Foundation events, and special VIP invites!


3. One off donations through Paypal. It's as simple as that, but please bear in mind that Paypal take their fees from your payment, so please consider either adding this on top, or contact us for direct banking details to pay online. Again, please don't forget to complete the online Gift Aid form, we get an extra 25% and it costs you nothing!


Call us:

01604 636271

(Ask for

Maria Ahern)

Write to us at:

Maria Ahern, The James Ahern Foundation

10 Spencer Parade,

Northampton NN1 5AQ

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